Etching process photo

About the work

The inspirations for my work are many and varied - a shoe, a car, the Eiffel Tower, the iconic beauty of the Shard or the decaying structure of derelict building. Much of my work is drawn from the built environment of my London surroundings, but can equally come from India, South Africa, Croatia, North Africa.

About the process

It starts with a photograph. I take an image and manipulate it in a way that interests me. Depending on the effect I'm trying to achieve, I use copper, zinc, steel or polymer plates coated with light-sensitive material onto which I expose the image.

The plate is aquatinted - coated with a powdered rosin - and then etched in an acid bath.

The image can be changed by lightening, scraping, or polishing sections of the plate itself, until it is finally ready to ink up. Different coloured ink combinations, textured or coloured papers, or superimposed images from two or more plates, complete the transformation of the original photograph.

Finally, each print is individually run through the press by hand. Editions are limited and every print is numbered and signed.